Beer Cheese Soup in Bread Bowls

A new post!  And a delicious one at that.  I mentioned this would be coming soon in the bacon chocolate chip cookies post, and, well, I over estimated my timing again, but what are you going to do?  Anyway, as usual, this started with a request of Charlie’s.  He’s quite sure Bread Bowls are man’s greatest invention.  And what could be better than Beer Cheese Soup?  (Also, he has a not-so-secret plan to broaden my food horizons by getting me to like soup.  I like beer, and cheese, so why not together?)  I googled my way around the internet and came up with a couple options.  The soup recipe was set pretty quickly, but the bread bowls took a bit.  Sourdough seemed to be a common choice, but I didn’t have the time to make the starter, so back to the searching I went.  

The only change I made to this soup recipe http://www.evilshenanigans.com/2011/09/apple-oktoberfest-cheese-soup/ was that I used Leinies Nutbrown Ale instead…because it’s what we had in the house.

As for the bread bowls, I used this recipe: http://www.gettingfreedom.net/2011/02/make-your-own-bread-bowls.html but I don’t have a Kitchenaid mixer, so I kneaded them by hand, and I only needed to bake mine for about 12 minutes as opposed to the 20-25 they specify.

Oh…and PS:  I, disliker of many of my concoctions…  LIKED this.  Crazy!

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