French Onion Soup and Mango Pudding

I make a menu for two weeks before I go grocery shopping each time. If I don’t, we end up with all snacks, no “real” food, and not enough food to last us for two weeks. I hate making the menu. I love cooking. But the menu…and then grocery shopping itself, gosh I hate them. I wouldn’t so much, but shopping on a budget stinks. Especially when there are so many great meals to make. But, much as I hate it, it’s my job, partly because I like cooking, so it’s best if I choose the dishes I want to make, and mostly because Charlie does the budget. He’s good at it, but doesn’t like that very much either. It’s a trade off. At least we can complain to each other, right? Anyway, when I make the menu, I always ask for suggestions for Charlie, or requests. This time it was French Onion Soup and Shepherds Pie. Shepherd’s Pie is later in the two week span. Tonight it was French Onion Soup. As for the Mango Pudding, my lovely mother-in-law loves to go garage-sailing (spelled that way because I think saling looks like it’s missing something…). She gets great deals on nice things. All the time. It’s quite impressive. When Charlie and I were visiting for the Fourth, she had a stack of I think 6 cookbooks for me. I took them all. I’m quite excited. So naturally, upon the first grocery trip after the Fourth, many meals came from these books. Mango Pudding sounded delicious, and easy, and not too pricey, but still quite different from usual. Therefore it was added to the menu as well.

French Onion Soup
From: The Joy of Cooking, pg. 95
Mango Pudding
From: Dim Sum: The Art of Chinese Tea Lunch by Ellen Leong Blonder, pg. 122
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