Waffles with Hashbrowns and Poached Eggs

For our wedding, we received a Barnyard Waffler. It’s fantastic. It has the shapes of a barn, a chicken, a cow and a pig. We LOVE it. I forgot to get bacon at the store on our last trip which was very sad. We were both looking forward to it. It was best not to go get some then before this meal, because, well, I have a tendency to go over our grocery budget… So, I wanted to make something more exciting than JUST waffles. So I thought about it. We like to go to Cafe Hollander. And they have this Guinness Waffle. I can’t remember what’s all in/on it, but I know it involves potatoes of some sort, so I asked Charlie if he’d like some hashbrowns on his waffle. And a poached egg. He thought it sounded great. So this is what we ended up with.

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